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FMDQ-Next Activates “Teach-a-Class”… – FMDQ Next

FMDQ-Next Activates “Teach-a-Class”…

FMDQ-Next Activates “Teach-a-Class”…

FMDQ’s flagship corporate responsibility programme, the FMDQ Next Generation Financial Market Empowerment Programme (FMDQ-Next) which was activated in 2018 to foster financial markets education amongst students – primary, secondary and university levels – and fresh graduates in Nigeria, has in furtherance of this strategic drive, commenced its ‘teach-a-class’ initiative.

The ‘teach-a-class’ initiative which directly targets students at the tertiary level, including but not limited to fresh graduates as well as participants of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), was deployed via series of 5-day sessions running through the month of May 2019 at the FMDQ business complex, Exchange Place. From educational and interactive financial markets exercises to a host of other fun activities, participants were introduced to the concept of savings and investments, the mechanics of the foreign exchange (FX), fixed income and derivatives markets, among others. They were also given the opportunity to trade in these markets via a simulated environment, powered by FMDQ’s Q-Hub.

Acknowledging the pivotal role which the upcoming generation play in shaping the future of the nation, FMDQ is committed to providing learning and development opportunities/avenues aimed at promoting financial markets literacy as well as building capacity – ‘catching them young’ – to empower the Nigerian youth.

In a similar vein, registration is ongoing for the annual FMDQ-Next Summer Camp Training Sessions which are availed to students at the primary and secondary school levels. These sessions are set to commence in July 2019, running through till August 2019.