The FMDQ Next Generation Financial Markets Empowerment Programme (FMDQ-Next), FMDQ’s flagship corporate responsibility programme, is a learning and development initiative aimed at providing financial markets education and promoting financial literacy among the youth in Nigeria, thereby empowering the next generation of Nigerians to be financially astute, ultimately adding value to the society. FMDQ-Next’s target audience are students in Primary School, Secondary School and University, as well as Fresh Graduates.

The FMDQ-Next Initiative was launched in July 2018, with the aim of making financial markets education accessible to students and university graduates from different ethnic and social backgrounds, empowering the next generation of Nigerian youth to be financially astute, ultimately adding value to their society in the future.

Programme Benefits;

Introduces participants to the world of finance, exposing and inculcating a wide range of skills which position them for personal growth and innovative thinking for the future

Helps demystify the workings of financial markets for the participants, empowering them to be financially astute from an early age

Teaches participants important principles to create and manage wealth

Provides opportunities for students to interact with market participants, providing them with practical knowledge about key Financial markets concepts

Offers employment opportunities for participants of the Programme, thereby developing Nigeria’s local technical capital